Frequently asked questions

Ohio’s conservative voters know if they go into the primary election split amongst the various conservative candidates, the establishment candidate will more than likely win.

They like the idea of uniting, but they just don’t know who they can trust or how to get the conservatives to unite around candidate.

Ohio Conservatives United is born:

Fortunately, early in the creation of Ohio Conservatives United,  we found it  encouraging that the vast majority of conservative voters fully understood the problem of splitting the vote amongst all the really great candidates,  and they indicated they may be willing to unite around a candidate, but first they had some questions and concerns that need to be addressed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How can I be sure that I am not acting alone?  How can I be sure the rest of Ohio is on board and doing the same thing?

Answer:   OCU asks conservatives across Ohio to tell us what they think, who they currently support, would they be willing to unite, and would they be willing to pull a Republican ballot.  This is done in the form of a survey.

Groups and Organizations can post the results on their sites for their members to see and discuss. And just as important, the results are posted on the OCU site for all of Ohio to see.


2) Who is going to decide who we would unite behind?

Answer:   The conservatives who are participating in the survey are deciding who their #1 choice is.  Their choice is clearly shown on the web site and is updated as groups forward their results to us. No one is under any obligation to unite behind a candidate, the entire process is to provide all of Ohio with a view of what all of Ohio is thinking, and to generate the discussion regarding uniting behind a candidate.


3) Who is going to put all this together?  How do we know we can trust them? How do we know this  isn’t a ploy from a candidate or special interest group trying to coopt Ohio’s conservatives?

Answer: The NW Ohio Conservative Coalition (NWOCC) is hosting this project. The NWOCC is a Federal none-connected Political Action Committee based in NW Ohio, working with NW Ohio conservative groups since its inception.

Former Healthcare Freedom Amendment State Coordinator, John McAvoy is the creator of OCU, serves as its spokesman, and is the driving force behind this very unique project.  Mr McAvoy’s acquaintance with the vast majority of Liberty, 912, Conservative, and Tea Party  groups and organizations across Ohio makes him the perfect choice for interfacing with these groups for the OCU project.


4) What keeps this from getting hijacked by the establishment?

Answer:    In order for an individual to participate, they must belong to one of Ohio’s hundreds of conservative groups or organizations.

Conservative group leadership is a small community; most know each other and communicate with each other on a regular basis.  When OCU receives a request from a group to participate, that group is vetted to ensure they are who they say they are, and that they do indeed represent a membership with conservative values.

They are then provided access to the survey and reminded that all results are made public, so the integrity of the survey is of utmost importance.