Group Participation

Group Participation

Participation by Ohio’s conservative groups is the key to success of Ohio Conservatives United (OCU). Sign Up near the bottom of this page.

If you are one of the hundreds of Social or Fiscal conservative groups in Ohio, and you understand the dialog regarding unity and splitting of the conservative vote,  we are asking for your participation in this program / survey.

OCU is not asking for any group to make a commitment to any candidate, we know this will not work. We are asking that you create the discussion dialog within your group by conducting this 3 question survey.  We also ask that your group continue to conduct the survey on a regular and routine basis between now and the March primary election.

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Your group should be able to capitalize on participation by generating meeting topics and discussions,  posting results of the poll on your web sites and Facebook pages, inviting various candidate campaigns to address your group, etc.

Groups  who have been participating in the survey have reported overwhelming positive response from their members.


A groups participation in this survey will accomplish two major objectives;

1) It will provide a statewide view of where the conservative candidates stand with regards to Ohio’s conservative voters.

2) It will initiate dialogue and discussion within the groups and their members regarding the candidates and the issue of unity.

Its important to remember that in no way does this poll or a groups participation constitute any commitment to the group or its members to support any particular candidate.


Participating groups are provided the latest polling questionnaire containing three simple questions. (SEE SAMPLE)

Groups are asked to conduct the survey on a routine basis, i.e. at their regular meetings. Hand out the survey as people come in, then collect the survey sheets when the meeting ends.

In the next day or two, the groups contact person tabulates the results and forwards them to OCU.

The group can post the results and any articles on their web site or Facebook page, invite people to your next meeting to participate in the poll, etc.

OCU will post each groups result graph on the OCU web site.  Every couple weeks, OCU will re-tabulate the current polls and update the polling ranks on the OCU web site.


Example of results graph created by OCU

Web based survey.  We prefer groups use the paper version of the survey at their meetings or functions. This initiates the face to face dialog that’s most advantageous .  However we understand there are groups and organizations that would be better served with the web based survey, so we can make this available to you also.  This requires planning on both of our parts so contact us regarding the web based survey.

If your group would like to participate, or you would like more information,  please complete the following information and we’ll contact you immediately.